1  List<string> WhatIDo = new List<string>();
2  WhatIDo.Add("Microsoft Dynamics AX Development");
3  WhatIDo.Add("Xamarin Mobile Development");
4  WhatIDo.Add(".net Core");
5  WhatIDo.Add("C#");
6  WhatIDo.Add("Python");
7  WhatIDo.Add("JavaScript");
8  WhatIDo.Add("The list goes on...");
9  var whatNow =
10    (WantToTalk ? EmailMe : "CYaL8TR");

After a few years of developing web applications using .NET technologies, I began working as a Dynamics AX Developer in early 2011. I work with a wide array of technologies, from developing Dynamics AX projects, most things SQL (SSRS, SSIS, SQL programming), developing service integrations and API’s, to developing intranet web applications and enterprise mobile apps using Xamarin. I particularly enjoy working with data, I am fascinated at the idea of huge amounts of raw data containing answers to questions no one has thought to ask. I hold a Microsoft certification for Azure Data Science, AX 2009 Development, a MCSE in Business Applications, a MCSA in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, and a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Development certification.