1  List<string> WhatIDo = new List<string>();
2  WhatIDo.Add("Microsoft Dynamics AX Development");
3  WhatIDo.Add("Xamarin Mobile Development");
4  WhatIDo.Add(".net Core");
5  WhatIDo.Add("C#");
6  WhatIDo.Add("Python");
7  WhatIDo.Add("JavaScript");
8  WhatIDo.Add("The list goes on...");
9  var whatNow =
10    (WantToTalk ? EmailMe : "CYaL8TR");

Thanks for checking my site, here's a little more about me. After a few years of developing websites in PHP/MySQL, and a few more of .NET development, I began working as a Dynamics AX Developer in early 2011. I obtained my first Microsoft Dynamics certification in 2011 for AX 2009 development, and a few years later added an AX7/D365 development certification. I appreciate that my job affords me the opportunity to work with a wide array of technologies: from AX projects, most things SQL (SSRS, SSIS, SQL programming) and service integrations, to developing intranet websites to satisfy business process requirements and developing enterprise mobile apps using Xamarin.